Intuitive Analytics

Powerful decision making tools for greater network insights.

Modern network monitoring systems like iQ+ from Qualitrol provide intuitive interfaces and advanced data diagnostics, enabling users to rapidly diagnose network problems.

  • Monitor signals and protection equipment
  • Diagnose root causes
  • Quickly identify faults
  • Client-server scalable architecture
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Power Quality

Know quality issues at a glance

The right software tools alert you to power quality problems and make it quick and easy to determine the corrective action.

  • Traffic light alerts on dashboard
  • Step down into detail where needed
  • Analytics tools for greater insights
  • Generate reports and inform teams
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Fault Location

Utilise your maintenance teams more efficiently.

Accurate fault location systems don't just save engineering team a great deal of time. They also get your maintenance crews where they need to be faster and can help uncover developing problems.

  • Pinpoint faults in minutes
  • Great accuracy to within one tower
  • Automatate alerts to maintenance teams
  • Capture all fault types
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Dynamic Monitoring

Condition monitoring of assets as well as post fault analysis.

The traditional use of fault recorders is for post mortem analysis of system faults to check relay performance, the protection scheme and correct operation of the circuit breakers. However, fault recording is just one feature of the latest generation of multi function devices. Improved accuracy and resolution make it them valuable tools for condition based monitoring of assets.

  • Powerful network diagnostics
  • Long duration disturbance monitoring
  • Protection system independance
  • Faster post-mortem fault analysis
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Grid Stability

Get instant information on abnormal grid conditions.

Synchrophasor data enables early warning of impending problems and empowers utilities to make critical decisions to safeguard their network and the grid.

  • Automatically capture critical data
  • Timely implementation of remedial actions
  • Avoid costly disruptions and blackouts
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Change the way you monitor your power system.

You no longer need to worry about losing critical data due to failed hardware, communication errors or other problems that affect monitoring systems.

Working directly with end users, Insulect developed modular services for power system monitoring that provides security and continuity. 



Greater network visibility


Insulect can help to provide greater clarity not just for what is happening within your network, but also external factors that may be affecting your network performance.

Uncover root causes


Insulect's team understands that knowing an event occurred on your network is not enough - we can assist with tools to identify root causes, so problems can be correctly resolved.

Save time and money


With the right tools for faster network analysis and expert support available to back up your team, you'll be able to free resources for other business priorities.


Want to get your teeth into something more technical? We have plenty of network monitoring resources available.



We partner with Qualitrol for network monitoring systems.

Qualitrol are a leader in information products for power systems monitoring - across transmission, distribution, generation and industrial.

Insulect know these systems inside out. We've designed and implemented solutions of all shapes and sizes.



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