Meeting the growing power quality monitoring need

Meeting the growing power quality monitoring need

Each year Insulect hears more from the industry about Power Quality and the growing need to be doing more PQ Monitoring - whether from a regulatory, commercial or operational point of view. These concerns are being voiced by organisations at every part of the grid - from Generation through to Distribution and large End Users.

Whilst some of our larger utility clients know all too well the capabilities Insulect has in this area - with systems of various size and complexity to suit numerous applications and budgets - more recently the majority of questions we get on PQ Monitoring are from organisations less familiar with Insulect.

Class A as a Base Monitoring Standard

Every system we provide meet the IEC 61000-4-30 Class A (Edition 2.0, 2008-10) standard. This is a critical requirement of any future ready PQ Monitoring solution, as only Class A enables parties to compare measured values and make a qualified judgement as to whether contractual obligations are being met.

Small, Large, or Integrated Monitoring Solutions

The Qualitrol PMD-A is our standalone PQ Monitoring platform, starting out at 9 Channel and in a compact 3U housing. Even this base model offers several specification options and is highly configurable to suit individual application needs. The Qualitrol PMD-A can also be specified in 18, 27 or 26 channel (moving into a 6U housing).

If a given PQ Monitoring location also has need for either disturbance and fault recording (DFR/DDR), fault location (travelling wave) or regulatory reporting and monitoring (AEMO high speed monitoring, ancillary services such as FCAS), then the next step up in the Qualitrol family could be for you - the IDM+ Multifunctional Power System Monitor. Offering the same PQ Monitoring capabilities as  the PMD-A, the IDM+ adds to this additional monitoring capabilities as required, so that there is a solution for just about every situation.

More Information

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