We help make the treatment of water more efficient and to keep waterways cleaner. Our focus on supporting asset management teams touches several areas in water: the electrical assets that power the site, pipeline assets to deliver and connect, and areas within the treatment plant.



Treat your business to more sustainable choices.

At Insulect, we work with a number of game changing technologies that can deliver greater efficiency and operational effectiveness - choices that are more sustainable from an environmental and financial perspective.



A look at what we do in Water



Waterway-friendly transformers

Transformer safety components and protection devices to keep transformers operating safely and nearby waterways safe.

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Transformer management

Fleet management of all site assets, from protection and safety devices through to integrated monitoring.

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Pipeline products

Locally manufactured to Australian and international standards. Our range includes disconnectors, load break switches and plenty more.

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Composite alternatives

We specialise in solving demanding materials applications. Replacing metals with composites that can withstand corrosive environments.

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Simplifying Asset Management

Through our expertise and after-market services we can support our customers in their asset management task, simplifying everything from planning and procurement through to end of life decisions.

Improving Network ROI

As in all industries, new technologies are offering countless opportunities to streamline operations and reduce operational and capital expenditure. Insulect can support you through the technology evaluation process, to make your decisions that bit easier.


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If you're interested in increasing site efficiency, Insulect offers many possibilities for you to explore. By combining our own experience with industry leading technology, we are opening up new directions for many of our customers.