This is our goal, what drives us, what shapes the way we work with the market and the continuing vision we strive for. We do this by enabling better decision making and return on investment through the products, services and support we provide - across electricity networks and for major energy users.



Stronger Networks

Insulect helps companies strengthen their energy networks and improve energy efficiency.

By combining innovative thinking and collaborative development, we improve local network efficiency – from generation and backbone infrastructure to private network assets and rail – to support a more robust grid for all.


Innovation & Simplification

We love working with industry-leading technology.

Not only do we enjoy getting hands on with new gadgets, but we are always looking for new ways to help our customers. Our teams combine analytical investigation and creative business thinking with our applications know-how to uncover new ways to make our customers’ lives easier.  


Full Asset Lifecycle

We understand that our products are just one part of a much bigger asset management task. We help our customers throughout this process with complimentary asset management services that support greater predictability and sustainable investment decisions.


Planning - Acquisition - Implementation - Operation - Maintenance - Disposal

full asset management lifecycle insulect


Reliability for All

Reliability is a big part of everything we do. It is a cornerstone of every successful business, with the potential to impact the bottom line in many ways.

Insulect not only works with customers to address such risks, we look for ways to increase reliability for our customers, so to positively impact the bottom line.

insulect consulting energy networks grid

Consulting, Collaborating, Connecting

Insulect has a long history of developing lasting customer relationships and our primary focus is on growing our clients’ business – everything we do starts and ends with our customers.

We measure our success by our clients’ achievements. Every product and solution we deliver is preceded by an inherent understanding of our clients’ specific needs and operating conditions.

Insulect’s tailored solutions are born of a service culture where adding value across every facet of our client relationships is our principal aim. Ongoing skills training and technical innovation, together with carefully considered strategic alliances are the key to Insulect’s success – a success that promises new standards of service and expertise for our customers.