Today’s distribution networks are more challenging environments than ever before. With plenty more change yet to come, Insulect is here to provide you with tools to better manage your network in this transitional market.



Adapting to a new environment.

It seems distribution networks are in a constant state of change lately. Not just in terms of their physical infrastructure, but the changes to corporate structures, large parts of the workforce retiring and an uncertain future of embedded generation.

Staying nimble and introducing more flexibility into the specification and management of network assets can offer significant time and cost savings - something we love helping organisations with.

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A look at what we do in Distribution



Power system monitoring

Managing embedded generation and similar growing uncertainties with Class A power quality monitoring and fault & disturbance recording.

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Transformer optimisation

More flexible network via high temp insulation systems. Online fleet monitoring and management. Protection and safety devices for all transformer sizes.

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Overhead switchgear

Air and gas insulated products from 12 kV to 36 kV, including load break switches, isolating links, sectionalisers and surge arrestors.

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Substation Disconnectors

Locally manufactured to Australian and international standards. Our range includes disconnectors, load break switches and plenty more.

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Simplifying Asset Management

Through our expertise and after-market services we can support our customers in their asset management task, simplifying everything from planning and procurement through to end of life decisions.

Improving Network ROI

As in all industries, new technologies are offering countless opportunities to streamline operations and reduce operational and capital expenditure. Insulect can support you through the technology evaluation process, to make your decisions that bit easier.


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More Flexible Distribution Networks

If you're interested in improving flexibility and future readiness across your network, Insulect offers many possibilities for you to explore. Combining our own experience in distribution with industry leading technology, we are unlocking new possibilities for distribution utilities.