We still call Australia home

Our range of switchgear is born and bred in Australia.

We began our journey over twenty years ago and are proud to have supported many businesses across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific during this time.

Our local staff are the backbone of our organisation. Each team - from engineering, design, manufacturing, and customer support - plays an important role in ensuring we maintain our commitment to customers now and into the future.



Committed to engineering excellence

Our switchgear business is all about flexibility and reliability. It involves tailoring our engineering experience and manufacturing capability to provide trusted, individualised solutions across a broad spectrum of industries.











australian made switchgear

We are proud of our heritage

From humble beginnings come great things.

Today we now offer a much more diversified portfolio of products and services across transmission and distribution voltage ranges. Much has changed since 1991, but our dedication to our customers and their businesses remains the same.

We continue to promote innovation, quality and flexibility across our teams so that we can deliver the highest levels of customer care and responsiveness.



Stronger Together

Insulect can provide a stronger, more connected network of support for our customers.

With modern, flexible manufacturing centres in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, our capabilities can readily be matched to the diverse requirements of the industries we serve.

Our applications engineering and customer service teams are stronger, with combined experience from across the grid. And we can now support our customers across an even wider scope of their business.



Our Switchgear Range


Why Choose Insulect for Switchgear?


Collaboratively Developed

We work together with our customers, to understand their challenges first hand, bringing together our combined expertise, so we can better deliver the solution they require.


Truly Australian

Insulect is Australian born and bred, with history dating back over two decades. We believe manufacturing in Australia is good for our customers and good for our country.

Lifecycle Support

We support our customers in all their asset management needs. From installation, commissioning and training, through to maintenance, repairs and asset refurbishment.



A key focus for Insulect is delivering on flexibility - making sure we adapt the way we work and what we provide, so that it first suits the needs of our customers and the end users of our products.


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