Disconnectors: We don't believe in one size fits all.

When it comes to substation hardware, you don't want to compromise on the fit. At Insulect we believe substation switchgear should be built around each customer's needs and each substation's layout.

Our disconnector and earthing range is 100% locally designed, built and serviced to ensure the best possible solution for local networks.



Disconnectors: 12kV to 145kV

Our Disconnectors and Earthing Switches have been manufactured in Australia for over two decades. Our range has developed over this time to meet the needs of the local market.


Rotary Double Break


Our disconnector range is based on a rotary double break design, with or without integrated
Earthing Switch.

Custom Footprint


Our range can be adapted to specific substation layouts and configuration, and can be installed on a variety of structures to meet individual customer requirements.


Manual or Motor


We provide for alternative operating methods - manual or with a motor operated mechanism, for local or remote operation.

Horizontal or Vertical


Products can be designed to be mounted on suitable poles or structures in either horizontal or vertical applications to suit various busbar heights.



Discover our full range of rotary double-break design substation disconnectors from 12kV to 145kV.

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Earthing Switches

Our disconnector range can be fitted with earth switches as needed.

Disconnectors supplied with Earth Switches can be fitted with a mechanical interlock to prevent the Earth Switch closing when the Disconnector is in the ‘Closed’ position and vice-versa. The Earth Switch can be operated by a Motor Operating Mechanism or Manual Operating Mechanism.


Why Choose Insulect for Switchgear?


Collaboratively Developed

We work together with our customers, to understand their challenges first hand, bringing together our combined expertise, so we can better deliver the solution they require.


Truly Australian

Insulect is Australian born and bred, with history dating back over two decades. We believe manufacturing in Australia is good for our customers and good for our country.

Lifecycle Support

We support our customers in all their asset management needs. From installation, commissioning and training, through to maintenance, repairs and asset refurbishment.



A key focus for Insulect is delivering on flexibility - making sure we adapt the way we work and what we provide, so that it first suits the needs of our customers and the end users of our products.


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