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Insulect is synonymous with quality Australian switchgear. It is built for distribution and transmission networks, as well as rail networks. Our products are used by electrical and rail utilities across Australia and internationally, with over twenty years field experience.

We do everything right here in Australia - from initial design and product development, to manufacture and ongoing support of installed switchgear for as long as its in the field.

Our goal is to give you the confidence in the quality of the product and its long term reliability in your network, so you can keep the trains running on time.



Air Break Switches

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Rocker Switches

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installation maintenance refurbishment switchegar

End to end Field Services

Insulect can provide equipment installation, maintenance and refurbishment services to utilities and contracting companies for our full range of switchgear.

There are plenty of reasons to consider enlisting our support on your next project, whether for the installation of new equipment or a site refurbishment:

  • Proven engineering design and manufacturing capability
  • Application experience and commitment to innovation
  • Business processes and quality systems



Rail Switchgear

Our core product range.


Why Choose Insulect for Switchgear?


Collaboratively Developed

We work together with our customers, to understand their challenges first hand, bringing together our combined expertise, so we can better deliver the solution they require.


Truly Australian

Insulect is Australian born and bred, with history dating back over two decades. We believe manufacturing in Australia is good for our customers and good for our country.

Lifecycle Support

We support our customers in all their asset management needs. From installation, commissioning and training, through to maintenance, repairs and asset refurbishment.



A key focus for Insulect is delivering on flexibility - making sure we adapt the way we work and what we provide, so that it first suits the needs of our customers and the end users of our products.


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