Developed locally for individual distribution networks.

Insulect provide a range of distribution switchgear for overhead applications. Much of our equipment can be tailored to meet each customer’s particular requirements. Our core product range includes:

  • Air break switches
  • Gas break switches
  • Electronic sectionalisers
  • Isolating links
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The Home Ground Advantage

Our switchgear has been manufactured in Australia for over two decades. Our distribution range has developed over this time to meet the needs of the local market.



From 12 kV to 36 kV

distribution switchgear range insulect

Our overhead switchgear range covers distribution voltages from 12kV to 36kV.

Australian Standards


All products are designed and tested in Australia in accordance with relevant Australian and international standards.


Locally Made

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Our distribution range is locally manufactured at our Sydney facility and can be stocked and assembled at our other locations for faster customer delivery.

Design Customisation

custom designed switchgear

Each range has been developed with numerous options to suit local conditions. These can be further customised locally in collaboration with customers.

switchgear insulect asset lifecycle management

Full Lifecycle Management

A different approach to managing SF6 Gas Break Switches.

Peace of mind doesn't just comes from having a validated product specification. It involves the ongoing management of products after they have been deployed, for the whole of their life. Working directly with end users, Insulect developed modular lifecycle services that can provide added reliability and better planning for asset managers.

For our SF6 Gas Break Switches, this approach involves turning the traditional business model on its head. One of the key services we offer involves extending the life of products through factory refurbishment - saving costs and land fill - without compromising reliability.



Sectionalisers in place of drop out fuses.

Electronic Sectionaliser links are used in conjunction with an upstream recloser and replace the traditional spur dropout fuse protection.

The majority of faults are transient faults – the old style spur fuse protection schemes result in a blown fuse, causing inconvenience to customers and network operators. Many of these faults can be managed with the Electronic Sectionaliser when used in conjunction with an up-stream auto recloser and thus avoiding the transient fault interruption.

electronic sectionaliser distribution network dropout fuse

Our Overhead Switchgear


Why Choose Insulect for Switchgear?


Collaboratively Developed

We work together with our customers, to understand their challenges first hand, bringing together our combined expertise, so we can better deliver the solution they require.


Truly Australian

Insulect is Australian born and bred, with history dating back over two decades. We believe manufacturing in Australia is good for our customers and good for our country.

Lifecycle Support

We support our customers in all their asset management needs. From installation, commissioning and training, through to maintenance, repairs and asset refurbishment.



A key focus for Insulect is delivering on flexibility - making sure we adapt the way we work and what we provide, so that it first suits the needs of our customers and the end users of our products.


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