High performance in high or low temperatures.

Thermal performance in materials is key in applications involving extremes of temperature - high and low temperatures. Choosing the right composite is critical to avoid unnecessary maintenance and downtime.

We have more that twenty composite products each built for specific thermal durability and mechanical requirements. Our materials partner Rochling are global experts and able to develop bespoke materials.



Where you can find our materials


Where high strength is required in cryogenic applications, foam materials aren't up to the task.

Composites are used is high load bearing situations to support pipes, valves, motors, and other components that are at cryogenic temperatures.

Our Durostone and Lignostone materials provide a range of grades and mechanical properties to handle different loads and application demands. Each has very low thermal conductivity to minimise thermal energy flow that contributes to costly energy losses and degradation of the base structure.



For high strength and high temperatures up to 800°C we have tough materials that can handle the heat.

Many of the same materials we use in low temperature are just as suited to high temperature applications, though only up to around 200°C. This includes our Durostone polyester glass and epoxy glass range.

Above this temperature we transition to silicone materials with glass or mica as the mechanical strengthener. These remain non-toxic, non-flammable and with excellent thermal resistance and stability.



Key Properties

Below are some of the most commonly required properties of our thermal composites range. But there are numerous other advantages that may relate to your application. Contact us to talk to a specialist.



Very low thermal conductivity

composite material low thermal conductivity

High mechanical strength


Dimensionally stable









Local machining and fabrication

Insulect’s manufacturing capabilities form a key part of the trusted service we offer our customers. Our two modern materials fabrication facilities – in Brisbane and Melbourne – work with a wide range of electrical, thermal and mechanical materials – including plastics, composites and cellulose-based products.

We offer short run, specialty or volume based machining and fabrication for almost any application and can produce cut-to-order sheets or finished components. Coupled with our highly-trained and experienced team, we are able to deliver on the most complex of customer requirements.



Industrial Materials

Our range is bigger than we can show here.
Give us a call for detailed material and technical information.



Why Insulect is the right choice for Composites.


Quality Custom Materials

With our materials partner Rochling of Germany, we provide some of the best composites available. They have a large standard range and the ability to offer special formulas to customer needs.


Local Manufacturing

Modern, well equipped facilities in three states (QLD, NSW, VIC) give us the flexibility to meet varying customer demands, whether for highly complex or high volume projects.

Expert Advice

We've been in the engineering materials world for over two decades. Our team can work with you to solve a wide variety of challenges and technical applications.


Local Support

Whether you have a new enquiry, are planning a large refurbishment or need support for the life of a project, we are just around the corner and can support you all the way.


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