Ultimate construction and application flexibility.

Pultruded composite profiles play a vital role in many engineering and technical industries.

The pultrusion technique allows a great deal design and shape customisation to meet some of the most complex needs. It enables various choices for glass reinforcements to alter the strength, flexibility or other physical characteristics. The resin options are also diverse, allowing for a wide range of other properties to be built into the design as required.






The pultrusion process allows us to solve many otherwise impossible applications, such as complex geometries and thin walls. We can guide you through exactly what is possible.



There are several options available, each suited to a particular set of needs, such as high fire resistance, good chemical or mechanical properties, electrical strength, etc.



Using a targeted selection of roving fibre, complex fibre mat, woven glass fabric and glass core, we can tailor a profile just for you.


pultrusion composite profile insulect

The standard range boundaries are 1,000mm width, 600mm height and 6,000mm length and from 1mm thick. However custom design is possible in consultation.


Advantage through innovation

Our materials partner Rochling are one of the leaders in materials innovation.

They develop new raw material inputs, products and manufacturing processes to meet specific challenges set by our customers. They bring these new products to life in their excellently outfitted materials laboratory in close cooperation with scientists and institutes.

Once they leave the lab, all products undergo ongoing controls checks throughout all phases of the production process.

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Imagination is the limit.



External and internal claddings, network cable duct systems, cable trays.



Cladding profiles, support beams, anti-skid flooring.



Structural beams and supports, flooring panels, decorative profiles.

Process plants


Flooring and structural elements for wastewater, chemical, paper and pulp.



Profiles for guides, support beams, frames, terminal components.

Truck & Bus


Interior and exterior panels and framing components.



Finishing services

We can provide a number of post-process services to get your pultruded profiles ready for assembly and fitting. This includes:

  • CNC machining e.g. for bolt holes, cut outs, mounting points.

  • Complete gluing or fastening of components by expert specialists.

  • Painted finish to various standards.



All Composite Materials

Our range is much bigger than we can show here. Give us a call for detailed technical information.



Why Insulect is the right choice for Composites.


Quality Custom Materials

With our materials partner Rochling of Germany, we provide some of the best composites available. They have a large standard range and the ability to offer special formulas to customer needs.


Local Manufacturing

Modern, well equipped facilities in three states (QLD, NSW, VIC) give us the flexibility to meet varying customer demands, whether for highly complex or high volume projects.

Expert Advice

We've been in the engineering materials world for over two decades. Our team can work with you to solve a wide variety of challenges and technical applications.


Local Support

Whether you have a new enquiry, are planning a large refurbishment or need support for the life of a project, we are just around the corner and can support you all the way.


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