Reach compliance with AS/NZS 61439 by partnering with Insulect

Reach compliance with AS/NZS 61439 series by partnering with Insulect


LV Switchboard Builders are experiencing a period of change with the release of a new AS/NZS standard impacting compliance of their switchboard assemblies.

AS/NZS 61439 is the new series of standards for low voltage switchgear and is an adoption of IEC 61439 series with AS/NZS modifications.  It was introduced in May 2016 with a five-year transitional period to replace the AS/NZS3439:2002 series in 2021.


What does this mean for Switchboard Builders?

Switchboard builders are responsible for compliance of their completed assemblies, based on the original manufactures verified design. The new standard brings a raft of changes and some key points to consider are:

Verification Methods

AS/NZS 61439.1 specifies three methods for verification, replacing TTA and PTTA; verification by testing, comparison with a tested design, or assessment.

  • Verification by testing – this involves conducting type-tests proving the design fulfills the requirements of the standard.

  • Verification by comparison with reference design – this is permissible only for temperature rise and short circuit verification by comparison with a type-tested design.

  • Verification by assessment – this is permissible in some cases e.g. for temperature rise by calculation up to 630A and 1600A, form of internal separation, reference to manufacturers data in relation to incorporation of switching devices, electrical connections, terminals, resistance to abnormal heat and fire and UV radiation of insulating materials etc.

AS/NZS 61439 verification requirements include tests for resistance to normal heat and fire of insulating materials due to internal electric effects.  As such materials used to support current carrying parts i.e. busbar insulators, must be verified by a 960ᵒC Glow-Wire test to Clause 4 of IEC60695-2-11:2000. This certification ensures materials do not sustain burning and self extinguish.


Conformance requirements & the Insulect solution

UPM S1 Busbar Support Cleat

By partnering with Rochling, Insulect have developed a product which complies electrically and mechanically with the requirements of material and parts to Clause 10.2 of AS/NZS 61439.1

Our product has been named UPMS1 and it’s a beauty. Here’s why;.

  • Outstanding mechanical performance characteristics

  • Electrically compliant

  • Locally made components

  • Used by major switchboard manufacturers in Australia

  • Complies with the new AS/NZS standard for LV SCAs


UPMS1 Busbar Support

UPM S1 Busbar Supports

With regards to the new standard and Busbar Supports the one major change is effectively a mechanical compliance test rather than electrical and precludes the use of a standard polyester type materials commonly used in many LV bus support systems. Talk to us about how we can substitute your existing busbar supports with UPM S1. 


Need help to tackle the change out?

Insulect have the pleasure of working with over a hundred Switchboard Builders, right across Australia and New Zealand to ensure compliance with the new standard AS/NZS 61439 series. We’re here for you too.

Insulect UPMS1 Materials Specialist

If you need help tackling the changeover or would you like to know more about our range of locally made components, speak with one of our Materials Specialists today.