Polycarbonate UVX

Polycarbonate UVX


Insulect PC-UVX is a lightweight, transparent Polycarbonate manufactured with UV protective coatings on both sides.

UVX provides excellent weathering properties whilst maintaining high clarity and impact resistance. Typically used in precision engineering, architectural glazing, process machine guarding, general manufacturing and industrial applications. 

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Clear, high strength protection barrier

What are the features & benefits?

  • Thermally stable

  • High shock and electrical resistance

  • Light weight and easy to process

  • Excellent clarity - light transmission between 82% & 90%

  • Flame retardant


Download our Polycarbonate UVX data sheet, which contains the designs, standards and technical specifications on the most commonly requested products in this range. Should you require something outside of these parameters, please contact our customer service team below.


Machining & Fabrication

Insulect’s manufacturing capabilities form a key part of the trusted service we offer our customers. Our two modern, well equipped facilities work with a wide range of electrical, thermal and mechanical materials – including plastics, composites and cellulose-based products.

We offer short run, specialty or volume based machining and fabrication for almost any application and can produce cut-to-order sheets or finished components. Coupled with our highly-trained and experienced team, we are able to deliver on the most complex of customer requirements.






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