Helping build better Switchboards: Download the new brochure

We've recently put together a new capability brochure for the Switchboard Industry. It covers all that Insulect do for builders and manufacturers of switchboards, meter panels, motor control centres and related products across Australia and New Zealand - and how we're working hard to set the benchmark for the best service.

The new brochure covers our key products - including Durolight UPM S1 switchboard insulation for AS/NZS 61439 compliance - as well as our full machining service for custom built insulation components, and related insulation products and switchboard accessories.

Would you like a hard copy sent to your office? Just give us a call on 1300 446 565 and we'll get one in the post ASAP.


What does the Switchboard brochure include?

All our key Switchboard products are included, as listed below: