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Transformer Health Check: DGA Technologies

Transformer monitoring can assist in extending the life and performance of a transformer. Our CORE Transformer Optimisation approach - a fleet-wide "whole of life" methodology offers a broader evaluation of the transformer environment, addressing the interrelated planning, operational and risk factors that impact transformer performance and life. In doing so, it paves the way for better decision making, greater asset security and lower total cost of ownership.

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Generation Monitoring: Grid Events & Regulatory Reporting

Previously, Insulect has written about a variety of individual power plant monitoring applications, including Fault and Disturbance, Power Quality and Dynamic Behaviour. In this article we take a look at a solution for monitoring and analysing all these aspects of a generation power system – as well as AEMO FCAS reporting – using a single device and one integrated software package.

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Free eBook and Webinar: Winding hot spot temp determination

Qualitrol have made available another on-demand webinar. This one – Transformer Winding Hot Spot Temperature Determination – continuing on from last month’s webinar on Transformer Monitoring Basics.

This latest webinar outlines the developments in effective monitoring of a transformer’s internal temperature. Loading capability of power transformers is limited mainly by winding temperature. Knowing the exact internal temperature allows for better loading capability, longer asset life, hence greater revenues and lower asset replacement / repair costs.

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