New optic sensors support dynamic loading, extending life

New optic sensors support dynamic loading, extending life

Qualitrol have recently announced a number of new additions to their Fibre Optic Temperature Monitoring product range. Designed to give asset owners more information and greater control over what is happening inside their transformers, the new range offers additional choice and flexibility to suit a wider range of needs.

Fluorescence and GaAs Technology in One Device

The first big change is the addition of a Fluorescence version to the T/Guard Link – the base model signal conditioner for small and medium transformers for up to eight optical channels. The T/Guard Link can be used in conjunction with a Transformer Monitor such as the Qualitrol 507 or 509DW to enable greater visibility and control over your transformers.

The new Fluorescence version includes an advanced algorithm developed by Qualitrol, which eliminates false positives previously more common to this type of technology (which do not occur with GaAs technology).

With this new model, the T/Guard Link can now be readily retrofit and interfaced with installed GaAs or Fluorescence probes on just about any transformer in the field, instantly providing accurate real-time temperature information to support better management of your assets.

T/Guard 405: The Next Step Up

The next step up in the range was previously known simply as the T/Guard. This has now been replaced by the T/Guard 405. The 405 sits between the T/Guard Link (shown above) and the T/Guard 408 (released last year).

Like the 408, the 405 is a standalone monitor offering up to 16 channels, has an easy-read LED display, a light source superior to the life of a transformer and has been ruggedized for demanding industrial applications. However, the 405 has been simplified by not including the relays or smart grid protocols available on the 408. Thus it becomes a very cost-effective online temperature monitor.

Opex: Target Critical Assets in your Transformer Fleet

With the T/Guard Link, T/Guard 405 and T/Guard 408, asset owners now have a complete range of options to select from to suit new transformers or for retrofit to assets already in the field.

Through these simple to implement, cost effective tools, you can immediately gain greater visibility over your entire transformer fleet, so as to more efficiently target your opex toward the most critical assets and better manage asset loads.

The Complete Qualitrol Range: T/Guard, Nomad, OmniFlex, Transformer Monitors

These latest additions to Qualitrol’s range make it the most complete product line up for optical temperature sensors for transformers, from single channel portable devices, right through to OEM scale flexible hardware with hundreds of channels.

Check out the full fibre optics family in the latest product range brochure: