New Era Transformer Fleet Management

New Era Transformer Fleet Management

Advances in equipment and implementation of monitoring technology is bringing us closer to ideal transformer Condition Based Maintenance (CBM).  GE Digital Energy’s leading Monitoring and Diagnostics subject matter experts have prepared a two-part white paper series. 

The white paper series addresses;

  • The challenges of an aging transformer fleet and the advent of on-line Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) to achieve CBM
  • Why the benefits of CBM have proved so elusive in practice
  • A holistic monitoring solution that significantly improves the value of on-line DGA monitors and the data derived from them 
  • How intelligent software algorithms can reduce your workload by transforming data into actionable information
  • How “ready-to-use” fleet condition solutions can empower fleet managers, transformer experts and engineers right now

The two part white paper series can be viewed here;

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