Serveron TM8 Multi Gas On-line Dissolved Gas Monitor

Serveron TM8 Multi Gas On-line Dissolved Gas Monitor


The TM8 is our industry leading 8 gas online DGA monitor. Based on an analytical platform built around a Gas Chromatogram (GC) the TM8 takes the recognized laboratory technology onto your transformer. Unprecedented accuracy and repeatability make the TM8 the perfect solution for monitoring mission critical applications where compromise is not allowed. The TM8 will provide a laboratory quality set of DGA results every 4 hours and up to once per hour under active fault conditions. With TM8 you can simultaneously track DGA, moisture, temperature and load on you transformer.

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  • Correlates all 8 fault gases, moisture-in-oil, oil temperature, and ambient temperature to transformer load
  • TM View software provides powerful tools to manage your fleet of DGA transformer monitors, focusing attention on alarming assets and simplifying the analysis of data which warrants further review
  • Automatic download of DGA data to a central database
  • Graphing and trending of DGA data
  • IEEE and IEC diagnostic tools such as  Rogers Ratios, and the Duvals Triangles 1, 4 & 5 and  Duvals Pentagon for advanced diagnostics


  • Moisture-in-oil and oil temperature measurement
  • Integrated Display
  • Optional Interfaces: Cellular modem, Ethernet Copper (10/100Base-TX), Wireless Radio
  • Serveron® TM8 installation and / or commissioning
  • TM View software installation and user training
  • A variety of service plans to ensure guaranteed analyzer operation over the long term


Throughout electrical network infrastructure systems there are transformers that are vital to the reliability of the grid – GSU’s, large transmission transformers, and critical substation and industrial application transformers. The Serveron® TM8 offers the most comprehensive DGA assessment available for these