Serveron TM3 Multi Gas On-line Dissolved Gas Monitor

Serveron TM3 Multi Gas On-line Dissolved Gas Monitor


The TM3 is Serveron’s highly accurate and reliable 3 gas online DGA monitor.

Based on an analytical platform built around a Gas Chromatogram (GC), the TM3 takes the recognised laboratory technology onto your transformer and uses it to provide you with data capable of employing the globally recognised Duval triangle diagnostic algorithm.

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Comprehensive transformer data requires powerful DGA tools

The Serveron TM3 DGA monitor is the only transformer condition alert system in its class that offers legitimate identification of the most critical transformer fault types via Duval’s triangle.

The TM3 will provide a laboratory quality set of DGA results every 4 hours and up to once per hour under active fault conditions. With TM3 you can simultaneously track dissolved gas analysis, moisture, temperature and load on your transformer.


Gas-in-Oil Trend Chart

On-line correlation of 3 Duval triangle gases identifies the most critical transformer fault types.

Rate of Change

Alarms triggered by exceeding rate of change limits allow for early detection of incipient faults.

Serveron TM3 DGA Monitor gas-in-oil trend chart.jpg

Duval Triangles

Multiple Duval Triangles provide diagnostic outcomes for various combinations of the fault gases (IEC 60599).

Serveron TM3 DGA Monitor duval triangle.jpg
Serveron TM3 DGA Monitor rate of change chart.jpg

Percent of Alarms

Provides a quick assessment of fault gas level relative to alarm set point.

Serveron TM3 DGA Monitor alarms.jpg
Serveron TM3 DGA Monitor banner.png

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Multi gas DGA Monitor


Serveron TM3 Features

  • Correlates 3 fault gases (acetylene, ethylene, and methane), moisture-in-oil, oil temperature and ambient temperature to transformer load

  • The combination of online DGA data automatically populating the Duval Triangle provides unprecedented insight into fault diagnosis

  • TM View software allows you to track and alarm on ppm and rate of change for the gases measured while at the same time providing for automatic diagnosis of developing faults using the powerful Duval Triangle algorithm

TM3 Options

  • Moisture-in-oil and oil temperature measurement

  • Integrated display

  • Optional Interfaces: Cellular modem, Ethernet Copper (10/100Base-TX), Wireless Radio

  • Serveron TM3 installation and / or commissioning

  • TM View software installation and user training

  • A variety of service plans to ensure guaranteed analyser operation over the long term



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