Qualitrol XPRD Extra Protection Pressure Relief Device

Qualitrol XPRD Extra Protection Pressure Relief Device


The Qualitrol XPRD is a mechanical over-pressure protection device with integrated directional discharge outlet.

It provides pressure relief and insulating fluid containment (requires optional piping) on transformers and load tap changers during over pressure conditions. And automatically reseals once pressure has fallen.

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50% more tank protection during over-pressure events

The Qualitrol XPRD features a larger diameter throat and discharge outlet for increased flow - with a flow rate of 12,600 SCFM (independently verified) exceeding IEC and CE standards. It has a dual spring-loaded valve for precise operation and resealing and patented single-piece, dual-acting gasket for quick, consistent operation with leak-free resealing.

Reduce environmental impact and clean up

The XPRD provides improved environmental protection with directed flow for easy clean up. Optional piping can be used to discharge transformer oil to containment vessels.


Protect workers and assets from dangerous oil exhaust

Directed flow with piped discharge dramatically minimises the risk of hot oil reaching workers and equipment.

Highly flexible installation

The XPRD utilises the same bolt pattern as the industry standard Qualitrol large pressure relief device (LPRD) enabling direct retrofit.

It comes with a variety of alarm switches available to fit various alarm and wiring schemes. Rotatable discharge outlet provides easy installation of discharge piping. A variety of discharge piping, flanges, and animal screens available.

Corrosion resistant construction

The XPRD is built to last with salt-water resistant stainless steel cover and valve components. Springs are made from ASTM A229 oil-tempered spring wire with corrosion resistant epoxy/polyester coating in accordance with ASTM B117-90.

The alarm switch housing and mounting flange are made from die-cast aluminium with chromate and polyester coating. The alarm indicator assembly is also made from aluminium.

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Extra protection pressure relief device


Features of the Qualitrol XPRD

  • Dual spring loaded valve for quick operation and reseal after a pressure situation

  • 50% higher flow rate than the LPRD for increased tank protection during an over pressure event (12600 SCFM)

  • Utilises the same bolt pattern as the LPRD and industry standards enabling direct replacement

  • Standard integrated directional shield with 8 inch diameter outlet to maximize flow rate and control hot oil and gas discharge

  • Reduces risk to environment, surrounding assets, and people in the immediate area when used in conjunction with piping kits

  • Variety of optional piping kits, flanges, and animal screens are available from Qualitrol to divert hot oil


XPRD Options

  • Operating pressure

  • Gasket material

  • Indicator style

  • Up to 2 latching or momentary switches (single or double pole form C, high DC, or low current gold contacts)

  • Electrical connection style

  • Gas bleed system

  • Stainless steel piping and body option

For over pressure protection on critical oil filled transformers, load tap changers, and other related electrical apparatus for maximum safety and environmental protection.
— Qualitrol

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