Electrical Applications

Carefully selected materials. Locally made components.

We understand that component failure and downtime are expensive, unwanted problems. That's why we select some of the world's best compression moulded fibre-reinforced plastics available for some of the most demanding applications.

  • Optimised for electrical, with required mechanical and thermal properties.
  • International standards and special grade materials.
  • Improve performance. Reduce cost.
  • High complexity and high volume manufacturing capabilities.
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Thermal Applications

Performs in hot or cold conditions

Whether you're into furnaces or cryogenics we are here for you. We work with rigid composites for high and low temperature applications, from down around -200°C up to +200°C.

  • Mechanical performance at extreme temperatures.
  • Several special resin formulations and glass reinforcements.
  • From cryogenics up to Class H.
  • Flame retardant and halogen free.
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Mechanical Applications

Made for one purpose: to take a beating.

Whether your application needs a material that can withstand heavy loads, high abrasion, bending and twisting, or even stop a bullet, we've got a solution for you.

  • Highly customised mechanical properties
  • Bending, elasticity, compression, impact, tensile.
  • Resistant to physical and chemical decay.
  • UV stable
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Custom Profiles

Ultimate construction flexiblility for complex design.

The Pultrusion process enables the production of technically demanding componentsfor a variety of applications, whilst offering the many benefits composites provide over traditional materials such as metals.

  • Flexibility of construction and mechanical properties.
  • Excellent weight advantages.
  • Flame retardant, self extinguishing.
  • Wide range of standard profile or custom designed.
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Composite Fasteners

They're as tough as nails. Also available in Red.

Used in technically and environmentally demanding applications, composite fasteners can outperform metals due to their highly resistant properties. They are particularly effective against fluids and gases.

  • Excellent electrical, chemical, thermnal and mechanical properties.
  • Wide range of grades tailored to application needs.
  • One quarter of the weight of steel.
  • Threaded rods, nuts, washers and tubes.
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high performance composite fasteners

Composites that can outlast and outperform metals.

Got a challenging problem or application issue that you're not sure how to solve? If it involves the use of composite materials, there's a good chance we can help you with it.

We love to think outside the box and introduce people to the surprising breadth of possibilities that composite plastics can offer. Check out the link below to get you thinking on just where composites could take you.



Custom development

application development insulect consulting

One of our applications experts will work with you to provide the best choices in materials and fabrication methods.

Superior materials

premium glass reinforced materials

With premium materials being sourced from Germany, not only will you get the quality you need, but also the technological insights and confidence in material selection.

Understand your needs

insulect composite materials applications

Insulect work side by side with you all the way. We climb over pipelines, hop inside transformers and stick our heads inside furnaces, just so we can be sure we understand what you need.



Applying our expertise to world-class materials.

There are numerous materials available that we work with, from wood based products, through to a wide range of plastic fibre composites.

Here's a snapshot of what's on offer. If the application is truly demanding, we can always talk to the chemists about brewing up a special batch.



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