Type testing the Insulect Link Box LITE in Sydney


Insulect's range of Link Boxes have been in operation for over 20 years in Australia, New Zealand and several other countries around the world. In February 2018 we launched a new addition to our tried and proven core range in response to requests from customers for a lighter weight and lighter duty link box.

We named this new version Link Box LITE.

The final type test - internal arc

The final type test was the internal arc test, according to IEC 62271-200:2011, Clause 6.106, Annexx AA.

Because this LITE version is a lighter duty model for less arduous applications, it was tested to 20 kA rms (our original Link Box ULTRA is type tested to 40 kA for internal arc).

Here's a video of the type test happening at Ausgrid (PLUS ES) in Sydney:


Application & Specification

The LITE is designed for less arduous applications and where ease of handling and install is important. Hence we made it about 20% lighter (each model varies slightly) and from 304 Stainless Steel (the ULTRA uses 316 SS), whist retaining an IP68 enclosure rating. 

The LITE is rated differently to the ULTRA in the following specification areas:

Short Circuit 40 kA/1s
Enclosure rating IP68
Internal power arc 20 kA/0.12s
Pressure test meter 2M

For full details, download the brochure;

Link Box Lite brochure mock up inside.png

Need more information?

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