MV Surge Arresters Now Available

The latest addition to Insulect's growing Switchgear product range are Polymer Surge Arresters, now available in Medium Voltage - Class C - 5kA and 10kA and rated from 3kV to 64kV.

This MV Surge Arrester range is designed to provide optimum protection for transformers and other medium voltage equipment against over voltage transients caused by lightning and switch surge events.

Surge arresters now available

The Advantages of Polymer Surge Arresters

Polymer surge arrester construction offers tangible benefits over traditional porcelain designs.


Polymer surge arresters are superior over porcelain with regards to improved safety under failure and fire-retardancy. Unlike porcelain, the polymer housing will not shatter or scatter pieces when damaged and they are lighter making for easier, safer installation.


High impact resistance of polymer housing significantly reduces housing damage losses typically associated with porcelain housing during transport and installation at site.


The compact design of polymer housing arresters allows for flexibility in installation space and ease of handling during installation.


Product Information

For full details on this new range, including the new brochure and updated Switchgear overview brochure, and all available accessories, visit the Surge Arresters product page: