Composite plastics and paper products

Transformers have to be operationally safe and reliable even at high operating temperatures and high electrical stress. For more than 25 years, Insulect transformer materials have been used in transformer manufacturing for insulation and construction materials.

Our premium range of transformer insulation products meet the highest electrical and thermal requirements and have been used in transformers for more than 60 years. They are supplied by two long-standing global partners, Rochling and Pucaro.



insulect-pressboard-presspaper-calendered board.png

Presspaper and pressboard, DDP paper, corrugated board.

Duct Spacing


Custom duct spacing, clackband and spacers.



Angle rings, snouts, caps and custom wet parts.



Densified Wood



Profiles, corner collars, channels.


Lignostone densified wood machined components.


Glass fibre reinforced plastics (composites) in all common and custom epoxy and polyester grades.



Insulation Winding Kits

Insulect has been providing custom kitting solutions for transformer manufacturers for 25 years, including ABB, Alstom, Schneider Electric and other transformer and switchgear OEM's in the ANZ and APAC regions.

The services we provide allow transformer manufacturers to increase their efficiency when developing windings for oil-filled transformers. The aim of the winding kit is to have the insulation parts readily at hand when manufacturing and assembling windings. Each kitting solution is built around individual customer requirements, linked either to a specific project or ongoing business need.



Transformer Insulation Products


Insulect works inside and outside of Transformers.


Specification Development

We work closely with end user teams to understand their challenges, network needs and existing asset base, so to help guide future specifications and investment decisions.


System Commissioning

Our team can support system setup, from integration with existing architecture, through to installation and commissioning.

Expert Advice

From the insulation system, to key transformer components and monitoring applications, our team has plenty of insight into the complexities of transformer management.


Fleet Maintenance

We offer a range of services to support the lifetime operation of monitoring hardware and can customise this to suit individual networks.


Also in Transformers:



Sensors, monitors and controllers for integrated transformer monitoring, data capture, analysis and fleet management



Devices for pressure, moisture, oil level, oil temperature, gas accumulation



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