Bushings & Insulators

Bushings & Insulators


Porcelain Transformer Bushings (MV)

Many application fields can be satisfied with our complete range of porcelain bushings, available for oil to air we can also customise many of the features according to transformer design requirements. Our range of transformer bushings are available for voltage range from 1 to 52 kV and with current range from 250 to 8000 A.

Resin bushings

Through our manufacturing partners Insulect offers a complete range of bushings made of epoxy and cycloaliphatic resin including resin bushings with plug connection with inner cone PPQ type, Plug-in resin bushing PPS type and monophase and quadriphasebar bushingBT type for Oil and Gas insulated transformers for a voltage range from 1 to 36kV and with current range from 250 to 2500 A.

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