New Paper Available: CORE Transformer Optimisation

New Paper Available: CORE Transformer Optimisation

Insulect's latest industry paper on Transformer Optimisation is now available.

If you follow our enewsletter or are in conversations with one of our Business Development Managers, chances are you have heard from Insulect about the need for a fleet-wide Whole of Life approach to Transformer Optimisation.

This latest document takes our previous communications and presentations on this topic a step further, bringing them into one cohesive and detailed paper.

Transformers are one of the most critical assets within an electricity network. Effective management of these assets – from initial specification, to online monitoring, maintenance and eventual replacement – is an increasingly complex task with costly implications. To optimise the management of transformers first requires a transformation in the approach to these assets.

Adoption of a fleet-wide approach “whole of life” approach enables a broader evaluation of the transformer environment. It addresses the interrelated planning, operational and risk factors that impact transformer performance and life. And in doing so, it paves the way for better decision making, greater asset security and lower total cost of ownership.

We have dubbed this concept "CORE" in this latest paper - which stands for Capex, Opex and Risk Exposure... the three major categories that impact total cost of ownership.

For more information on this paper or how the CORE Transformer Optimisation can be applied to you organisation,