Transformer ester fluids in marine applications


Critical transformers require high performance fluids

When transformers need to be deployed in, on, under or near bodies of water, MIDEL ester fluids deliver the preferred solution versus mineral oil. Offshore wind, ships, sub-sea assets, protected waterways – these are all locations where MIDEL has delivered proven benefits time and again.


The MIDEL Ester Fluids


When it comes to marine transformers, MIDEL 7131 (biodegradable synthetic ester) allows for compact transformer designs and increases the levels of fire safety – critical factors in the confined spaces of a ship where fire risk must be strictly controlled. Unlike mineral oil, MIDEL 7131 has a high fire point and 100% fire safety record, alongside its proven eco-friendly properties.

MIDEL 7131’s high temperature stability and excellent lubricity allow it to operate reliably at elevated temperatures – crucial considerations when designing compact transformers. The Royal Navy and US Navy specify MIDEL 7131 because they demand the very best in fire risk mitigation and need to make the best use of available space aboard their vessels.


MIDEL 7131 – the No.1 fluid solution for transformers deployed in or near water:

Increased Fire Safety

High Performance

Greater Environmental Protection

  • Readily biodegradable (OECD 301) and fully biodegradable (IEC 61039)

  • Non-toxic


Case Studies: Marine Transformers