Cost-effective transformer fire safety

Transformer fires are notoriously unforgiving, spreading very quickly and causing extensive damage, often including human casualties. Worldwide, transformer fires are a common occurrence in power networks.

MIDEL ester transformer fluids provide the perfect solution for transformer fire protection. Used and respected globally, MIDEL fluids have an impeccable fire safety record – international insurers FM Global and Underwriters Laboratory have listed MIDEL fluids as less flammable fluids for dielectric purposes. This means they require lower fire safety measures than mineral oil.

In addition, MIDEL’s fire safe properties allow for their use in transformers inside buildings and other critical areas where mineral oil would not be acceptable.


MIDEL Synthetic Ester 7131

MIDEL 7131 has an impeccable 100% fire safety record spanning over three decades.

Unlike its mineral oil alternatives, MIDEL 7131 has a high fire point, making it much safer for use in high risk areas such as buildings and tunnels.

Experience has proved that transformer fires can be particularly unforgiving, especially in enclosed spaces such as those mentioned above. They can spread at frightening speeds, putting the lives of workers in danger and causing extensive damage to property.

Unfortunately, these potentially catastrophic fires are becoming all too common in modern power distribution networks, and companies have a duty to guard against such incidents.

If you are not willing to expose your project to unnecessary fire risks, MIDEL 7131 is the ideal transformer oil option. Its excellent track record and superior fire resistive properties continue to make it the fire safe fluid of choice around the world, ahead of alternatives such as dry-type transformers.

Fire Safe Properties of MIDEL 7131

MIDEL 7131’s fire safety features are recognised by European industry standards, and these accolades have helped enhance its reputation for offering increased protection against fire. The fire safety properties of our synthetic transformer fluid include:

  • 100% fire safety record

  • High fire point (>300°C)

  • Classified as K-class to IEC 61039

  • FM Global® and UL® listed transformer fluid

  • ATEX Certification

  • Established resistance to ignition

  • Self extinguishing

  • Potentially lower fire protection costs

  • Certified as safe by EN 45545, which stipulates only K-class fluids can be used on rolling stock


MIDEL Natural Ester eN 1204

Based on a renewable natural ester, MIDEL eN’s high fire point makes it ideal for safe use in high risk areas such as underground or indoors. This places it above alternatives such as mineral oil when it comes to fire safety.

MIDEL eN is classified as K-class according to IEC 61039, which places it alongside our synthetic transformer oil MIDEL 7131 in an elite group of fluids that are able to offer impeccable fire safety.

Fire is one of the main hazards associated with mineral oils used in transformers, and it can cause serious damage if preventative measures are not put in place. The risk to your employees and property is substantial, particularly if the fire spreads quickly.

It is vital to have the correct procedures in place to guard against these unnecessary risks, starting with using safe, high performing transformer oils such as MIDEL eN.

Properties of MIDEL eN

There are many features of MIDEL eN that make this transformer fluid such an impressive option for those concerned about fire safety. Below are some of the key attributes it offers that will help increase protection against fire:

  • 100% fire safety record

  • High fire point (>300°C)

  • Classified as K-class by IEC 61039

  • FM Global® and UL® listed transformer fluid

  • Proven resistance to ignition

  • Self extinguishing

  • Potentially lower fire protection costs


Reducing fire safety project costs

Increased safety can also mean reduced project costs. The costs for safeguarding against the risk of fire - such as fire suppression systems - can be significantly moderated when using a fire-safe ester fluid.

The bottom line is risk mitigation. MIDEL is tested, proven and acknowledged worldwide as Best Practice; our customers specify MIDEL instead of mineral oil as a strategy against compromising safety.

Implementing the benefits

We’ve worked with transmission and distribution utilities, generation companies, industrial companies and transformer OEMs across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific to provide safer, more reliable transformer systems – in both new and retrofilled applications.

Transformer ester fluids are a proven option for any fire prevention strategy. Be proactive and choose a transformer oil that will help prevent fires from happening in the first place.


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