Can Midel ester fluids heal existing insulation problems in a transformer?


No. MIDEL fluids cannot “regenerate” insulation materials.

Degradation of the solid cellulose insulation in transformers (insulation ageing) is irreversible. Thermal ageing of cellulose materials cannot be avoided – however it can be slowed.

Retrofilling transformers with MIDEL fluids, can have a positive impact on the issue of paper ageing, delivering:

  • Longer life for cellulose insulation at standard temperatures

  • The option to run transformers at a higher temperature for standard lifetime

  • The benefit of a higher power output or a smaller footprint by running transformers hotter

Using MIDEL ester transformer fluids can potentially extend the life of cellulose insulated transformers. Alternatively, transformers can be operated at a higher temperature with MIDEL fluids, while retaining the same lifetime they would have had with mineral oil at standard temperature.



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Retrofilling transformers with ester fluids