The MIDEL range of ester transformer fluids helps mitigate risks for critical power infrastructure, making a valuable contribution to a robust business continuity strategy. The insurance and risk sectors are also looking closer at the role of transformers and how to mitigate fire risk – see the Risk/Insurance Roundtable discussion.



Transformer risk management roundtable


Transformers are high risk assets

Transformers are often cited as one of the top five high-risk assets, with electrical and mechanical failures being a key cause of unplanned outages in power transmission and distribution. The consequences of a transformer failure could range from production equipment stopping mid-cycle, the lights going out or in severe cases, a fire – and the flammability and toxicity of mineral oil clearly highlights the possible dangers of its use as a dielectric fluid.

There is now a clear drive towards the adoption of more effective materials used to safeguard transformers and power supplies. MIDEL ester transformer fluids are a critical part of this movement, and are used in order to facilitate environmentally friendly, fire safe transformers for a wide range of voltages up to 400 kV.


Making the grid safer

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