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Transformer Optimisation: Extending asset performance and life

Transformers are one of the most critical assets within an electricity network. Effective management of these assets – from initial specification, to online monitoring, maintenance and eventual replacement – is an increasingly complex task with costly implications.

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Transformer Winding Hot Spot Temperature Determination

As part of acceptance tests on new units, the temperature rise test is intended to demonstrate that, at full load and rated ambient temperature, the average winding temperature will not exceed the limits set by industry standards. However the temperature of the winding is not uniform and the real limiting factor is actually the hottest section of the winding commonly called winding hot spot.

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Optimum Transformer Cooling Control with Fibre Optic Temperature Sensors

It is shown that in case of rapid load change, the methods used by classic WTI can indicate a lower temperature by more than 10°C even if they are properly adjusted for the steady state conditions. It appears that with the dependability of modern fiber optic sensors, the long-term performance of transformer cooling can be better achieved with these more accurate monitoring devices.

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