Free Webinar: Transformer Monitoring

Free Webinar: Transformer Monitoring

We revisit the first edition in the Qualitrol series of on-demand webinars from our partner Qualitrol, detailing the importance of transformer monitoring, the cost savings involved and on-line monitoring systems available.

This 45 minute webinar looks at the important questions you may be faced with:

  • Why is monitoring a transformer important?
  • What are you monitoring in your transformer right now?
  • Are these measures enough?

Insulect provides a complete transformer monitoring range, enabling remote monitoring and control.

  • Fibre temperature indication and control of cooling system
  • Dissolved gas analysis and fault indication for the main tank and OLTC
  • Moisture levels in the main tank and OLTC
  • Bushing partial discharge and tan delta monitoring

Watch this important webinar then contact us today to discuss how Insulect can support you in the design and optimisation of your transformer.