MIDEL Storage & Handling Guides for Natural and Synthetic Esters

Midel eN 1204 and MIDEL 7131 are robust ester fluids. Studies have demonstrated their long term stability, even at elevated temperatures. They have been successfully used worldwide, and are recommended in transformer systems.

As with all dielectric liquids, it is necessary to take precautions when handling and storing MIDEL fluids to ensure that they are kept in optimum condition.

What is covered in the guides?

There are two Midel Storage and Handling Guides - one for natural ester fluid and one for synthetic ester fluid. Each covers the following topics:

  • Miscibility

  • Receiving ester new fluid

  • Storage

  • Storage tank cleaning, inspection and headspace

  • Unloading

  • Filtration

  • Hoses, seals, pumps and valves

  • Transformer Filling and Cellulose Impregnation

  • Oxidation Stability and Handling Considerations

  • Practical recommendations for the handling of Midel liquids

Storage and Handling Procedures for Midel Ester Fluids

Download the relevant guides below to help understand and develop correct procedures for storing and handling MIDEL transformer fluids.