Robotic Innovation Driving Business Efficiencies

Robotic Innovation Driving Business Efficiencies

Insulect is continuously finding ways to meet business challenges by embracing new technology.

2017 marks a special milestone for Insulect, 20 years in operation. The longevity made possible by our commitment to continuous improvement and our “early adopter” approach. We're invested in and committed to innovation to improve business efficiencies.

The latest investment in business improvement, Robotic Process Automation, has enabled streamlined accounting processes, allowing the time to conduct more strategic financial analysis. RPA is particularly useful and easily adopted in accounts payable across a company’s procure-to-pay cycle, where processes such as invoice processing allow capacity for a greater degree of automation. Software robots can also perform tasks such as account reconciliation to intercompany transactions, auditing expenses, recording journal entries, fixed-asset accounting and to maintain account data.

Aligning closely to strategic partners enabled Insulect to implement leading edge technology that integrates seamlessly into the business’ enterprise resource planning system. The process involved mapping the accounts payable process and designing work flows to streamline the accounting function. Using a local and trusted technology partner, BBC Digital and software platform Laserfishe, enabled the project to be completed with great success.

Reduce Time & Money - Improve efficiencies

Business inefficiency leads to lost output and wasted dollars. The repetitive, time consuming tasks associated with accounts payable can be eliminated. Robots perform these repetitive tasks faster and more efficiently than humans and can easily be scaled up and down to meet the needs and demands of the business. Insulect have improved efficiencies by 66% by using workflows that streamline staff’s manual interaction with accounts payable documentation. 

Research has shown the automated processing costs can be reduced by up to 80%. The automated process ensures extreme accuracy, no data errors and doesn’t overlook steps.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Insulect’s commitment to corporate social responsibility is demonstrated in the implementation of green initiatives, reducing their impact on the environment. RPA has improved Insulect’s carbon footprint by reducing the volume of printed paper in the finance department by 90%, enabling Insulect to work further towards a paperless office.

Technology driving business sustainability

CFO Clinton Solomon reveals “We will continue to turn over every stone to explore and invest in leading technologies that allows our organisation to sustain a low cost, competitive business that meets the challenges of today, tomorrow and beyond.” For a greater understanding of how robotic innovation could transform your business, speak with the experts at BBC Digital today on (07) 3237 8000.
Insulect’s strategy behind any innovation or business improvement always starts with the end in mind, with our customers. To strengthen the relationships with our customers we meet them at their view of the world. Our level of care and commitment to serving them better will continue to be the driving force as we power forward with new and innovative business strategies.