Reducing Transformer Risk: how ester transformer fluids are helping insurers

Transformers present a key challenge for risk managers and insurers.

This whitepaper explores the effects of increased demands on the power transmission and distribution network. It looks at how the energy insurance industry can manage the risks presented by transformers through a strategic asset management plan, and how the use of ester-based dielectric fluid can help to minimise impact on the market.

Transformers: high risk assets

Assets such as transformers are particularly high-risk, with mechanical and electrical failures a key cause of unplanned outages in power transmission and distribution.

The whitepaper addresses the consequences of these high risk assets, including the lifecycles of transformer and industry challenges in managing these assets.

It goes on to look at safer alternatives aimed at reducing risk relating to transformers, including fire safety, environmental protection, moisture tolerance, cost management, retrofilling existing assets, and increasing load capability.

Mitigating Transformer Risk

Download the whitepaper to find out how the Midel range of ester-based transformer fluids are helping to mitigate risks for critical power infrastructure and so minimise liability.