New Era Transformer Fleet Management - Part 2: The Solutions

Power transformers, regarded as critical grid assets, are presenting an increasing challenge to asset fleet managers due to their large numbers, advancing age and increasing risk.

Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) of these assets, based on dissolved gas analysis monitoring, has long been considered the panacea of transformer fleet management. However, while online transformer monitoring systems provide part of the solution, organizations have been struggling to achieve the benefits of their CBM vision.

Increasingly, organizations are in search of software to perform data interpretation and automatic transformer evaluation. Compared to expensive custom built systems which take years to roll out, the new era of “out of the box” intelligent software, using algorithms combining best practices and recognized industry standards, allows for faster return of their monitoring investment dollars.

By adopting new era data analytics software which also facilitates easy customization, organizations can instantly benefit from data validation, amalgamation and cross-correlation. They can oversee their whole fleet and replace data overload with actionable intelligent information, the key to unlocking true condition monitoring value.

Part 2: Solutions Using New Era Asset Fleet Management Software

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