Top 15 Questions on FR3 Fluid retrofill for mineral oil transformers

Considering natural ester fluid for retrofilling?

Get our guide to the top 15 Questions on using FR3 Fluid to retrofill mineral oil filled transformers.

In response to the many questions we get on FR3 fluid and natural esters, particularly in regard to retrofill applications, we developed this handy guide with the top 15 questions and their answers.

In addition to answering the most frequent questions on this topic, we review the reasons for retrofilling with natural ester fluid, the benefits and the many financial incentives. 

Within it you will find plenty of links to additional technical resources and reference sites.

What's covered?

When retrofilling mineral oil filled transformers with Envirotemp FR3 natural ester fluid, there are many financial incentives that support positive return on investment, over and above what can be achieved with mineral oil. 

Many of our customers have financially justified FR3 natural ester fluid retrofills based on the advantages it offers. However, we still get a lot of questions on FR3 and natural ester fluid – especially when it comes to retrofilling transformers.

This guide has been designed to help organisations better understand the challenges, myths and possibilities regarding retrofilling with FR3, and assist them to make investment decisions with greater certainty.

Questions like these

We address the questions that come up time and again from customers, including "what materials are compatible with natural esters?" and "will there be any de-rating of my transformer by changing from mineral oil for FR3 natural ester fluid?".