Safety and

Condition Monitoring

Greater operational flexibility for a more demanding network.

Transformer design fundamentals remained largely unchanged for over a century. But in the last two decades, technological advances in monitoring systems have created huge potential for network operators to address the challenges of the modern grid.

  • Transformers that are safer.
  • More sustainable asset management.
  • More control over network planning.
  • Lowering network risk.
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Fleet Management

Replace data overload with actionable intelligence

True visibility and control over an asset fleet cannot be achieved with online monitoring systems alone. It requires intelligent software systems to automate the evaluation and interpretation of critical data.

  • Instant data validation, amalgamation, correlation
  • Visualise the whole fleet
  • Industry recognised standards
  • Faster asset management ROI
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Asset Performance

Transformers that can flex with demand

Transformer insulation offers big opportunities for delivering more flexible and higher performing transformer fleets to meet modern grid challenges. Not just in terms of power, but in improved reliability, reduced burden on asset management teams and much more.

  • More robust to grid events
  • Increased safe loading levels
  • Reduced fleet complexity
  • Cash flow positive solutions
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Asset Protection

Complete transformer safety and protection.

Insulect has one of the most comprehensive range of transformer protection, safety and control devices available in the market. Our primary partner in this field is Qualitrol, a world leader in rugged, reliable transformer systems.

  • Rugged, reliable devices for all conditions
  • Decades of field experience globally
  • Monitor all critical functions locally and remotely
  • Safeguard your transformers
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Safety and Environment

Safeguard your finances whilst saving the planet.

Dramatically reduce key cost and risk areas for your business: installation costs, transformer fires, oil spill damage and remediation, environmental impact, safe overloading, and reduced maintenance.

  • Sustainable safety
  • Better for the environment
  • Better for your team
  • Fiscally safer solutions
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transformer fleet monitoring services insulect

Visualise your transformer fleet in a new way.

Knowing the status of your most critical assets at all times should not be negotiable. However, reliability of hardware, software and communications can get in the way of this.

To combat this, Insulect developed a range of services in collaboration with end users that can provide the visibility and consistency you need.



Smarter networks


A new era of off-the-shelf intelligent systems are making it easier for fleet managers to face the increase in challenges due to ageing infrastructure, new generation landscape and depressed consumption patterns.

Financially better fleet planning

better financial return on investment

The time has come to challenge existing thinking, to uncover fiscally responsible options for your company that will extend the life of your fleet, increase the capacity, lower risk and reduce maintenance costs.

Reduce your footprint


Caring for our world is everyone's responsibility. Thankfully there are many ways we can reduce the risk of harm from transformers through the use of proven, sustainable materials without impacting the bottom line.



Breathe new life into existing assets in your transformer fleet


Discover the power of retrofilling with natural ester. Extending the life of older or heavily loaded transformers is just one of many financially rewarding outcomes that your network can realise. 



Looking for some more technical reading? We have plenty of transformer fleet management resources available.



The potential to transform your bottom line.

In the transformer space, we get involved on the inside, the outside and the management of these critical assets.

From the insulation and fluids, to safety and protection components, through to complete fleet monitoring systems.



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