Advanced power system testing

Insulect provides portable test equipment and data management software for electrical energy systems, power plants and electrical substations. We supply a complete range of test sets for testing relays, power transformers, instrument transformers, circuit breakers, batteries and many other high voltage apparatus.

We supply our test equipment and monitoring systems across Australia to electrical utilities, equipment manufacturers and service contractors.


isa high voltage test instruments


Primary Testing

primary multifunction testing

A complete range of substation primary plant and rotating machines test systems. Including power transformers, instrument transformers, circuit breakers, surge arresters, cables, batteries and grounding system.

Secondary Testing

DRTS66 secondary injection relay testing

Advanced secondary injection test systems designed to satisfy all needs related to commissioning and maintaining substations and to testing protection relays, energy meters, transducers and power quality meters.

Testing Software

ISA TDMS power system testing

Powerful software packages providing data management for acceptance and maintenance testing activities. Organises test data and results for the majority of electrical apparatus.



ISA Test Sets

Insulect exclusively supply the ISA brand of test equipment. ISA has been specialising in quality test instruments since 1938. ISA remains a family owned company today, designing and manufacturing their full product range in Italy.

Their extensive range available through Insulect is summarised in this brochure, including the TDMS data management software.


High Voltage Testing

ISA has a full suite of products for high voltage apparatus. Here's a snapshot of what's available.

Multifunction Systems

Substation maintenance & commissioning test systems for current, voltage and power transformers.

Circuit Breaker

The ultimate all-in-one circuit breaker analysers: safer, faster and more accurate than ever.


Testing and maintaining battery systems.

All Applications

  • Power transformer
  • Instrument transformer
  • Circuit breaker
  • Substation battery
  • Ground grid
  • Step & Touch
  • Surge Arrester
 CBA3000 Circuit Breaker Analyser

CBA3000 Circuit Breaker Analyser

 BTS200 Battery Test System

BTS200 Battery Test System

 STS5000 and TD5000 Multifunction system

STS5000 and TD5000 Multifunction system


drts protection relay testing

Protection System Testing

Secondary injection relay test systems and power system simulators designed to satisfy all protection system needs including acceptance testing, commissioning, maintenance and analysis. 

In addition to relay testing, these secondary test systems also cater for testing energy meters, transducers and power quality meters. 

At the top of the range is the well known DRTS family, with five configuration options for power and current outputs, from the DRTS33 to DRTS66.



Application Support

Our application engineering team provides advice and support on product selection, as well as on site training and workshops in order to get your teams adequately trained and comfortable using test set hardware and software systems.

test set training workshops application engineering


Let us help solve your test needs.

Whether you're operating in a Transmission or Distribution network, a Generation plant, or Industrial site, we would be glad to have a no obligations discussion to understand how we can help your organisation.