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Protecting our environment and supporting a more sustainable economy are everyone's responsibility and an essential part of every modern business. Transformers in particular present several potential environmental challenges. These include oil spills, risk of fire and the need to operate safely over several decades, often outdoors and sometimes is sensitive areas.

Today there are several ways in which companies can contribute to these universal goals - reducing risks and environmental impact, including carbon footprint - whilst also strengthening their transformer fleets.

 Greener choices for network assets.

Greener choices for network assets.


The Game Changer: Natural Ester Transformer Fluid

Natural ester fluids are increasingly the oil of choice for dielectric coolant in transformers. It is also the one product that goes into transformer manufacture that can have the single greatest positive impact from an environmental perspective.



Ultimate Biodegradability


Since natural ester is a biodegradable vegetable-oil-based fluid, should a spill occur, the impact on the environment is minimal and spill remediation costs are reduced.

Carbon Neutral


Unlike other dielectric coolants, natural ester oil is essentially carbon neutral throughout its lifecycle - from seed planting through transformer operation.

Flawless Fire Safety


Fire point is the most critical factor when specifying transformer fire safety. Natural ester has twice the fire and flash point of mineral transformer oil. And a perfect fire safety record.

Non-Toxic, Non-Hazardous


Following rigorous testing, natural ester has been proven to be both non-toxic and non-hazardous in both soil and water, including aquatic life.



Natural Ester for Life and Performance too.

Not only is natural ester a game changer in terms of its environmental, sustainability and safety credentials, it also leads the field in asset performance and life extension of transformers. Natural ester oil can greatly change the way companies think about transformer design, operation and the costs of ownership. 


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Sustainable choices: Transformer insulation and components.

Aside from the dielectric fluid, there are other ways transformer designers and procurement managers can lower their impact or harm. The first of these is the cellulose paper, board and wood that forms the insulation system. In many industries the use of recycled or sustainably-sourced paper is a standard operating procedure.

Due to the critical role the insulation has in transformers, recycled paper is not yet a reality. However there are a number of sustainable sourcing options available, such as Pucaro and Figeholm. Their complete range of paper, board and cellulose components are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified.

Procurement managers can work with transformer design teams to investigate lower environmental risk components, without compromising the specification. One example is the use of composite bushings, which have a very low silicone content, yet higher performance characteristics.

Operational and design teams can similarly work together to understand how component choices can make an impact. Such as the use of self-dehydrating breathers, which regenerate their store of silicon-based gel, instead of standard breathers which require the gel to be replenished multiple times each year.




Sustainable Transformer Products

Here's a selection of products which can help reduce harm and impact on our environment.



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