The Top 5 ROI Outcomes of Power Cable Monitoring

Uncovering the value of cable monitoring for your network

Underground power cables are a growing priority for many network operators. The install base is increasing and cables are high value and often network critical assets, which are not as readily accessible as other grid components.

For this reason, many companies have turned to online monitoring systems to enable greater visibility and decision making power. However, this doesn't mean that power cable monitoring is for everyone.

There are various technologies and systems to choose from, each power cable circuit will have a unique set of circumstances relating to it, each organisation will evaluate investment decision in their own way, and will have other projects competing for the same funding dollars.

To help this complex evaluation process, we've put together a summary of the Top 5 return on investment outcomes relating to power cable monitoring.

In this document, we take a look at the different technologies available and the advantages they provide networks operators. Companies can use this to evaluate which of these offer the greatest potential gains to their network and model investment scenarios on this basis.