AKM OTI/WTI™ Capillary Based Oil Thermometer

AKM OTI/WTI™ Capillary Based Oil Thermometer


The Qualitrol AKM OTI/WTI™ Capillary Based Oil Thermometer Features up to 6 adjustable switches for alarm, trip, and cooling system functions and can be equipped with various electronic outputs for SCADA and remote monitoring applications.

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Accomplish the most demanding control and alarm configurations

The Next Generation Thermometer

This capillary based, mechanical, remote indicating thermometer is recommended for use in medium and large transformers with a typical voltage range of 138 KV to 345 KV. The wide range of options allows for standard use of one thermometer series across a wide array of applications and operating conditions, with up to 6 fully independent and user adjustable switches for control and arms. 

6 Independent Switches

75 Years Experience

250,000  Thermometers World Wide

Minimise installation complexity with an all-in-one-design

What makes it stand out

  • Six switch capability, sequentially independent, with adjustable hysteresis
  • Reduce failure costs with reliable AKM bellows operation
  • Widest range of inputs and outputs including double gradient on board
  • Simple to work on with the new smart design case
  • Further reduce your costs with the high switching capability no extra components for fan bank control and alarm trip

For more information, download the Qualitrol OTI WTI Brochure here:

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Ahead of the rest, in just about every way

AKM bellows technology

System provides a 260° dial
deflection (angle the pointer travels
from minimum to maximum) making
it easier to interpret temperature
reading from a distance.

Non-pressured bellows system
better resists leakage when
compared to bourdon tube
(pressurized) style capillary

New Case Design

Swing out case design allows for
easy terminal block connection,
switch configuration and testing
without removal of the cover.

New 6 Switch Capability

Up to 6 fully independent switches
flexible enough for most control and
alarm schemes.

Improved Wiring

Improved wiring installation with
addition of 2 cable glands (for a total of 5) and an increase in size to 3xM25 and 2xM20 versus the previous generation.

Double Gradient Option

The Double Gradient option
for setting two separate
winding simulations in the same
WTI Thermometer.

Electronic Outputs (user upgrade kits available)

Various analog outputs available (mA, Pt 100, and Cu 10) -- user upgrade possible via rear access panel by trained personnel.

One Family of Thermometers for all Environmental Conditions

Enclosures with IP55 or IP65
rating with numerous mounting
configurations available including
extreme temperatures down to -60°C


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