Natural Ester Transformer Oil

Natural Ester Transformer Oil


Today, protecting our environment and converting to a more sustainable economy are essential to everyone's well-being. Natural Ester Transformer Oil offers customers the benefits of a leading transformer insulating coolant that also helps contribute to these universal goals.

With Natural Ester Oil fluid, transformer owners can:

  • Gain cost efficiencies either on initial cost or total cost of ownership without sacrificing reliability.

  • Extend transformer insulation and asset life.

  • Optimize load capacity.

  • Significantly improve fire safety.

  • Enhance their environmental footprint and sustainable supply chain initiatives.

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Use natural ester fluid to gain cost efficiencies and more reliable, effective transformer systems

There are many nuances to evaluating total cost of ownership and each organisation is different. We believe there are a number of ways natural ester fluid can impact your transformer performance and bottom line. Find out what value natural ester transformer oil could provide your organisation.

Natural ester oil's high temperature capability enables smaller, more effective transformer designs with increased loading flexibility

The high temperature insulation advantage works for both new and retrofilled power and distribution transformers.

Natural ester fluid extends insulation life 5-8x longer than mineral oil for improved reliability and total cost savings

The number one factor that has the greatest impact on the life of a transformer is the insulation paper.  Natural ester oil is proven to protect the insulation paper 5-8 times longer than mineral oil.  That extends asset life, reduces total cost of ownership and improves grid reliability.


As a FM Approved, less flammable fluid, natural esters have the highest fire point of any dielectric fluid and have a flawless fire safety record.

Each utility’s’ main goal is to provide safe, reliable and affordable energy to the consumers and communities they serve. Natural ester transformer fluid can play an important role in helping to achieve those goals.


Natural ester fluid has best-in-class environmental properties: renewable, ultimately biodegradable, carbon neutral, and so much more.

Natural ester oil is made from renewable vegetable oils originating from plants which actually sequester CO2 during the crop growing process. Through lifecycle analysis, natural ester fluid has been shown to produce 56x less carbon emissions than mineral oil and is essentially carbon neutral.

Natural ester fluid always delivers on dielectric performance, even in cold temperatures.

Natural ester oil has 10x the water saturation level of mineral oil, thus maintaining dielectric strength even in sub-zero temperatures.

All fluids oxidize but it takes years

In sealed applications, natural ester fluid does not sludge like mineral oil, thus maintaining dielectric strength and reducing maintenance costs.

Dissolved Gas Guide for Natural Ester Fluid

Dissolved gas determinations are taken and analysed and the data interpreted using much the same procedures and techniques as those used for mineral oil. Some of the differences include gas solubility, as well as some gas levels produced including ethane, hydrogen and acetylene.

Discover all the similarities, differences and methods of interpretation in the useful guide, along with several other important resources on DGA for natural ester fluids.