Intergrated Safety Devices

Intergrated Safety Devices


The RIS by COMEM is an integrated and compact safety device, which reliably includes the main functionality of the most common safety devices such as:

  • Gas collection
  • Oil level
  • Over pressure control
  • Temperature control

This device can be used in Oil insulated transformers without conservator (Hermetically sealed transformers) and are an extremely cost effective alternative to multiple devices.

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Reliably includes the main functionality of the most common safety devices

Integrated and compact device

Insulect stocks one of the most outstanding integrated safety detectors (or commonly known as RIS) available on the market. The idea for this detector was conceived from the need to integrate the functions performed by a number of transformer accessories in a single, compact and reliable instrument, which was capable of replacing their applications, as well as guaranteeing numerous advantages ranging from an economic to functional-aesthetic viewpoint. 

To learn more about Asset Protection, click here, or keep reading for more information on the impressive integrated safety detectors.

Internal Instruments



PRESSURE SWITCH closes/opens a circuit on pressure ranging (from 100 up to 500 mbar)



THERMOMETER visual indication of oil temperature and max. temperature reached

Either T1 or T2 thermostat switch - dependant on preference.

Oil Level.png


INDICATOR visual indicator of slight oil level variation

DETECTOR visual detector of significant oil level variation through closing/opening of an electric circuit



DETECTOR closes/opens a circuit when the max. gas volume is reached (max. 170 cm3)


EN 50216-3 Ready

Did you know the Comem RIS has fully passed the type tests prescribed by both European Standards under EN 50216-3?

You can find out more by downloading the standard here!


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The RIS is composed by a rugged plastic body, watertight and resistant to extreme climates, with houses a series of instruments and keeps constant control of the following operating conditions of the transformer.  To find out everything you need to know in relation to specifications and installation, please download the information sheets below:

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