Fibre Optic Temperature Monitor

Fibre Optic Temperature Monitor


Temperature is a key determinate in the life of a transformer, hot spot temperature monitoring is one of the most effective and reliable tools for introducing predictability into the trending of transformer life and optimising network planning. 

That temperature dictates aging and determines transformer life expectancy is a well known fact - with hot spot temperature being the most critical to these equations.

Traditionally hot spot temperatures have been modeled using a winding temperature indicator (WTI), however this modelling approach has inherit inaccuracies due to the nature of the device.

To put this in context, the IEC loading guide shows that a hot spot temperature increase of 20°C, equates to about 90% reduction in life of the transformer and an increased risk of premature failure.

Now with over 30 years field experience, fibre optic technology is recognised as a viable and necessary tool for transformer optimisation through accurate hot spot monitoring. Qualitrol-Neoptix offers the largest range of solutions, built for stability and reliability under arduous conditions - from the censors, to handle held devices, rugged online monitors, and fully modular OEM and retrofit systems.

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