Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS)

Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS)


We understand the challenges you face and the need to protect your assets. AP Sensing's Distributed Temperature Sensing technology (in conjunction with their RTTR engine) can give you the ideal solution to monitor and protect your power cable infrastructure. 

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AP Sensing’s Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) technology measures an accurate temperature profile along an optical fiber over thousands of meters with measurements in a few minutes. The DTS system, together with the RTTR (Real-Time Thermal Rating), engine gives you the ideal solution to monitor and protect your power infrastructure.

Operate your network at the highest possible safe ampacity level by using steady state and transient thermal analyses. Compare current loads with estimates made during the planning stage and learn how much you can safely increase the steady-state load. The system computes all data you need to plan for peak loads and emergencies.

Measurement data is continuously fed into the RTTR computation engine providing an accurate assessment of the actual ampacity, based on proven industry standards IEC/60853 and /60287 and finite element modeling.

Maximize asset protection and load management.