Connect to your network like never before with iQ+

The powerful Qualitrol iQ+ provides a complete software package for the configuration, collection and analysis of network data from the Qualitrol range of Information Products.

An intuitive interface and advanced record analysis diagnostic tools enable users to monitor signals and protection equipment, quickly identify faults and diagnose root causes - empowering them with greater network insights.

qualitrol iq+ network monitoring


Multi-functional Network Monitoring

Power Systems Monitoring software like Qualitrol iQ+ bring several critical network monitoring functions into one package, allowing users to gain added insights from shared data. This can include disturbance and fault data, power quality, fault location, phasors and more.



One Click Analysis

one click power system data analysis

Automatic analysis of records decreases the analytical burden on protection engineers, with configurable algorithm parameters, advanced filters, fault identification and automated reports.

Data Automation

automatic polling monitoring fleet

Intelligent communications can automatically poll the monitoring fleet, download data, perform user defined scheduled actions and get information to where it is needed most.

User Configurable Interface

configurable user interface netowkr monitor

User interfaces include fully customisable fault recording, event, and waveform viewers, plus multiple interlinked network topology modes including device, voltage, geography,
asset type and station.

System Health Overview

grid network system overview

To quickly asset your monitoring fleet, there are simplified overview screens enable at-a-glance visual management and systems health check, to support maximum up-time.



iQ+... Saving you time & money.

In adverse conditions such as storms, it is not uncommon for hundreds of fault events to be recorded.

Whilst the capture of all events is important, it is frequently not possible for a company to have the time or resource to analyse each record, determine the cause of fault and assign a priority filtering. To assist the user in these critical times, Qualitrol have developed the following useful tools:


iQ+ Record Analysis

Record Analysis is a powerful diagnostics tool that automatically analyses fault records and highlights critical issues to speed up resolution.

When an event occurs, the device signals iQ+ with a high priority event. The records are then automatically downloaded, analysed and a diagnostic report is created and sent directly to the relevant users.

Once configured, the end user may never have to view the actual fault records - just the output results - for faster, actionable intelligence.


iQ+ Report Writer

The Report Writer in iQ+ offers full suite of customisable reports and pre-configured industry standard templates - to EN 50160, IEC 61000-3-6 and 61000-3-7.

Reports can be set to automatically generate based on a wide array of condition and time based parameters.

And perhaps most importantly, they can get where they need to go quickly, with automatic emailing and text messaging to relevant recipients.



Flexible Architecture.

Qualitrol iQ+ is ideal for large installations with a central server, remote clients and multiple communication managers to share the burden of collecting data from different types of devices. The interface is capable of monitoring and managing up to 1,000 devices simultaneously, offering complete visibility and control over large scale power networks.

flexible monitoring server client architecture


Working across the Grid.

Capturing multiple Power System monitoring data is just as important for a Generation site as it is for a Transmission or Distribution network.

It is important to be able to address all impacts upon a given power system, including dynamic disturbances from electrical and mechanical sources, identifying the origins of various power quality issues and more.

Insulect works across these various applications, helping to develop, configure and maintain these monitoring systems for many grid participants.

qualitrol iq+ multifunction power monitoring system

Qualitrol iQ+: Multifunction Power System Monitoring



We're with you for all your Monitoring needs.


Specification Development

We work closely with end user teams to understand their challenges, information needs and existing architecture, so to help guide future specifications and investment decisions.


System Configuration

Our team can support system setup, from integration with existing architecture, through to triggering, automated actions and report writing.

Expert Advice

With hundreds of installations across Australia, our network monitoring team has plenty of experience in the capture and utilisation of important fault and disturbance data.


Fleet Maintenance

We offer a range of services to support the lifetime operation of monitoring hardware and can customise this to suit individual networks.


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