Want to improve your transformer fire safety?

Specify natural ester transformer oil.

Every utility’s goal is to provide safe, reliable and affordable energy to the consumers and communities they serve. Natural ester transformer fluid can play an important role in helping to achieve those goals.

Since its introduction and over a million power and distribution installations across 30 countries, there has not been a single reported fire-related failure with natural ester fluid-filled transformers.



Fire point is the most critical factor when specifying transformer fire safety

Natural ester fluid is a FM Approved, UL certified K-class, less flammable fluid.  It’s 360°C fire point is the highest of any dielectric fluid more than twice that of mineral oil (160°C) and 50°C higher than synthetic esters (310°C).

The reason why fire point is so critical to fire safety is to understand what it takes for a fire to start in a transformer:

  1. If a fault does happen in a transformer, most of the energy vaporises molecules generating combustible gases, while a small amount starts to heat the fluid.
  2. If there is a breach in the transformer tank, the gases escape and are exposed to oxygen. If there is a source of ignition, the combustible gases will ignite.
  3. And, if the fluid is at or near its fire point, a pool fire would result.

Fire safety with natural ester filled transformers

In a natural ester oil-filled transformer, the differential between the operating temperature (110°C) and natural ester's fire point (360°C) is so significant compared to mineral oil’s fire point (160°C), it is nearly impossible for the entire amount of fluid to be at or near its fire point.

  • Inside a transformer, it would require a high temperature fault lasting many minutes to raise natural ester fluid’s from operating temperature to its fire point.
  • If there were a ‘combustible gas’ flame outside the breached tank, the gas flame would extinguish because the natural ester fluid wouldn’t be anywhere near its fire point and no pool fire would occur.

What does this mean for your organisation?

  • Increased safety in highly populated areas such as residential communities, malls, restaurants and parks
  • Increased worker safety during routine maintenance
  • Increased first responder safety during an emergency
  • Elimination of fire mitigation, deluge systems and fire walls
  • Reduced clearances to buildings and other equipment
  • Potentially reduced insurance premiums due to using a less flammable fluid in transformer systems
  • Avoid costly fire restorations (liability and property damage, transformer replacement costs)

Implementing the benefits

We’ve worked with utilities and their OEM partners across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific to provide safer, more reliable transformer systems – in both new and retrofilled applications. Natural ester transformer oil is an easy, proven option for any fire prevention strategy. So rather than wait and hope a fire doesn’t happen, be proactive and choose a natural ester fluid to help prevent them from happening in the first place.

Contact our team to help you increase your fire safety by incorporating a natural ester fluid into your power and distribution transformer fleets.