Get real time alerts to abnormal network conditions.

System stability parameters provided via synchronised phasor data are used to warn of impending problems and assist guiding remedial actions so to avoid costly and disruptive blackouts.

The Qualitrol Q-PMU system is a low cost device that captures synchrophasor data and sends it back to a central data concentrator. The Q-PMU can operate as a standalone device or be integrated into the multifunction IDM+ monitoring system.



Early Warning


Phasors are calculated by measuring the instantaneous voltage, current, and frequency, in turn providing operators with the heartbeat of their network - to keep their finger on and react accordingly.

Monitor System Stability


Enables various wide area measurement, protection and automation applications based on streaming synchronized phasor measurements and digital status.

Grid Security


Deploying PMUs across a network, simultaneously measuring phasors at strategic locations, can reveal various grid problems and empower operators to act.

Scalable Platform

qualitrol hardware.png

The Qualitrol PMU is a scalable, modular substation hardened platform for connection to up to ten three-phase circuits to calculate and stream phasors in compliance to IEEE C37.118.1.



Connect to Existing Systems

The phasor measurement system from Qualitrol can be integrated as a low-cost standalone, distributed architecture for system wide PMU installations at various generation, transmission and distribution locations. 

Alternatively, as part of an integrated real-time network monitoring system, this PMU technology can be delivered as part of a multifunction monitoring system using the Qualitrol IDM+ power system monitor.



Going beyond the IEEE Standard

This paper provides a summary of a joint testing exercise in volving Qualitrol, a utility and systems developer, that goes beyond the IEEE standard requirements to qualify the PMU for use in applications of interest for transmission system security and optimisation.


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