Material compatibility with ester transformer oils

Materials that are used in the manufacture of standard mineral oil-filled transformers are generally also compatible with ester transformer oils.

Extensive material compatibility studies and transformer ageing studies have been conducted by the transformer oil OEMs, and continue to be carried out as new materials become available for use in transformers.

The materials tested to date include transformer products such as:

  • core and coil insulation - cellulose and kraft papers and boards, fibreglass polymer structural components, aramid nomex products, DDP
  • seals and O rings - silicone and nitrile rubber, polymer-based seals such as polyurethane, polyamide
  • gaskets - cork, rubber, nitrile
  • metals - copper, brass, aluminium, 
  • cables and wires - PVC, polyester, polyurethane and fluoropolymer
  • tapes, adhesives, sealants - epoxy resins, silicone sealant, cloth and paper tapes

For a full list compatible materials, get in contact with our transformer care team. They can help answer your questions and provide you with the correct documentation.

material compatibility in fr3 fluid